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5 Commandments of a Fashion Designer

Many people think that the work of a designer is very simple, dream and give instructions. But no, working as a designer, like any other professional specialist, is quite difficult and carries a lot of stress. For many, rest or gambling helps to cope with stress. 

To become a successful designer, it is worth putting in a lot of effort and following the top 5 rules that will be described in this article. Read the article and find out what professional qualities a real fashion designer needs.

Commandment 1: Ability to Work

The first and most important quality that a professional must have is a colossal ability to work. One should not think that being a fashion designer is easy. Even if you have talent without hard work, it will be very difficult to achieve success.

Commandment 2: Specialized Education

It is desirable to get an education that gives comprehensive, systematic knowledge. You need to learn how to model clothes, design, cut, and sew, study the properties and features of various fabrics and materials, and of course, learn how to draw. But even after graduation, it is necessary to continue self-education. Self-improvement should be practiced all your life, otherwise professional degradation is inevitable. It is necessary to know industrial technologies and principles of product modeling. It is advisable to attend specialized courses, and participate in exhibitions and fashion shows.

It is also important to clearly understand what exactly you want to create: clothes for the masses or unique things aimed at the elite, true connoisseurs of high fashion.

Commandment 3: You Need to Develop Imagination and Creativity

It is also necessary to have creativity, a big imagination, and the ability to see the world in all its diversity, and not just in the usual way. People of this specialty need to have a good sense of taste and style and be well versed in modern fashion. Follow all trends and innovations in this field and not be afraid of bold experiments.

Commandment 4: A Prerequisite Is to Practice

The most important thing in the process of becoming a professional designer is practice. Never stop at theory, everything new that you have learned, learned, should immediately be checked and tried in practice. Therefore, the best step to start a fashion designer’s career is to find a job in an atelier or become an assistant to a fashion designer. So you will immediately get acquainted with the practical side of the fashion world and will be able to adequately assess your capabilities.

Commandment 5: Be Patient and Never Give Up

Don’t be overconfident, but don’t hide in the “far corner” either. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion and offer your ideas, but learn to take criticism correctly. Be prepared also for stealing ideas and for the fact that even your brightest and most successful projects may not become successful just because you are not yet famous and authoritative enough. Be patient and don’t give up – and then recognition will come to you.

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