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How to Bet Soccer and Win

The first step to winning soccer bets is to understand the odds. Soccer is a game with a low scoring average, which complicates traditional betting methods. Goal spreads, for example, are rarely effective because of the small difference between the score of two teams. In addition, many games end in ties, which do not pay money lines.

When handicapping a match, look at the recent form of both teams. Many bettors focus on historic trends, but recent results are usually more useful, as teams change coaches and players from season to season. It also helps to look at road form, as teams play differently on the road than at home.

Another option is to place a bet on one team’s total goals. To do this, look for odds close to -110 for both teams. In this scenario, you’ll want to place a bet on a team with at least three goals. To avoid a tie, you can also bet on a team with under 2.5 goals.

In order to win a bet on soccer, you should first understand the point spreads. Spread betting is similar to betting on over/under point totals, but with soccer. The numbers next to each option represent the number of goals predicted to be scored during a game.

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