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How to Play Panda’s Fortune at VN88 Detailed for Newbies

Step into the world of fortune with Panda’s Fortune at VN88 – a beautifully designed slot game. With bright, vibrant symbols and engaging animations, you’ll enjoy hours of nonstop entertainment as you spin your way to big wins. Read on for the complete guide on how to play Panda’s Fortune at VN88!

What is Panda’s Fortune?

Since its inception, the game Panda’s Fortune has received a large response from players. When it comes to a 100,000 coin jackpot, lots of free spins, an RTP of 96.17%, and a built-in 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 pay lines – all fixed.

In particular, Panda’s Fortune is also set in a bamboo forest full of animals such as frogs, lions, elephants, and butterflies… All of them are depicted in a splendid and mysterious way to attract curiosity. in the player during each spin. Moreover, this game has both desktop and mobile versions that promise great experiences, top-quality graphics, and fast-paced gameplay.

When participating in Panda’s Fortune to win, players only need to have a combination of any 5 symbols on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row after each bonus spin. And the prize will be paid out based on the symbols appearing, if those symbols trigger the free spins and the jackpot will also be paid out according to the specified rate.

How to play Panda’s Fortune

Basically, Panda’s Fortune has a simple gameplay, similar to other Slot games, to place a bet and press the Spin button to spin the bonus. In addition to manual mode with Autoplay mode, players only need to press Spin in the first game, and the next games after placing bets, the system will automatically spin the prize. The biggest difference is that the jackpot is progressive and is triggered when there is a certain combination of symbols on the reels. As follows:

  • When starting to participate in the game, at the main interface the player will have to bet money on the game. Pressing the + sign to increase the bet and the – to decrease the bet next to the Spin symbol with a two-way arrow. According to regulations, this slot game will have a minimum bet of $ 0.25 and a maximum of $ 125.00. Based on this bet level, players can choose and place arbitrary bets according to their capital.
  • After completing the bet step, the player will next press the Spin button to conduct a bonus spin. The reels on the Slot machine screen will spin randomly, when the reels stop, the player will observe the result. If 3 symbols appear on a pay line, the player wins and is paid accordingly. If the symbols trigger special features or free spins the bonus will be calculated according to the game rules. 

How to Play Panda’s Fortune at VN88

Step 1: Access, Register and Log in to VN88 to Your Account

To start, get into the VN88 bookie. Afterward, register or log in to an existing account by adhering to the instructions provided on-site.

Step 2: Choose The Game

To join in on the fun of Panda’s Fortune Slot, simply begin at the homepage interface and choose ‘Slot Games’ from the menu bar. After that, type in Panda’s Fortune into the search box and press either ‘Play Now’ or ‘Try It Now’. You will be able to recognize when you have arrived at your destination once a fruit icon pops up!

Step 3: Place a Bet

As soon as you open the game window, two essential numbers will appear on your screen at the bottom: The minimum wager offered by the casino is $1.75, and there’s an impressive maximum of $100,000! Beside them lies an icon with + & – signs that players can use to set their bet within their financial limits; pressing plus increases it while minus decreases it.

Step 4: Start Drawing Prizes

To activate the bonus spin, simply click the Spin icon with a two-way arrow. Utilizing Autoplay, you can set up an effortless series of automatic spins without needing to reset bet levels: just press and hold in the first round; subsequently, let go once your stake is placed – if you win, it will be credited directly into your account! When Autoplay has achieved its desired result (or when you’re ready for it to end), select “Stop” to deactivate.

Icons in Panda’s Fortune Slot

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol will feature a panda, which can substitute for all other symbols except the Bonus symbol. And statistically, this symbol will only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

 Bonus Symbol

The Bonus symbol in the game will have a yin and yang symbol and is calculated with the bet and free spins as follows:

  • 5 symbols: 100x total bet and 15 free spins.
  • 4 symbols: 15x total bet and 10 free spins.
  • 3 symbols: 2x total bet and 8 free spins.

Features of Panda’s Fortune Game

Free Spins

When the reels stop, 3 or more Bonus symbols will give you free spins. Stacked lanterns on reels 2-5 transform into Wild, Butterfly, Unicorn, Frog, Toad, Carp, and Green Tree symbols. Hit 3+ Bonus symbols for an extra 5 free spins. The Jackpot feature has exclusive reels with all icons rewarded (except a special gold Bonus symbol on reel 5). Win with this gold icon and the bonus symbol too!


Panda’s Fortune Slot will have 3 jackpot prizes available, each with a fixed bet value, specifically as follows:

  • Grand: 40,000 – 800x total bet
  • Major: 10,000 – 200x total bet
  • Minor: 1 250 – 25x total bet

The Grand Jackpot is won when the reels stop and 5 symbols appear on a pay line. These can be butterflies, unicorns, toads, carp, or green plants – excluding Wilds and golden symbols on reel 5. For the Major Jackpot, you need 5 of A-K-Q-J-10 on any pay lines (except Wilds/golden symbol on reel 5). The same goes for Minor Jackpot – except adding Butterfly, Unicorn, Toad, Carp, and Green symbols too – plus one+ Wilds/golden symbol on reel 5. Get 25 Jackpot prizes for each spin depending on the final screen.


With Panda’s Fortune, you can explore a world of colorful symbols for massive wins. Spin the reels to activate the free spins and special bonus games for even more fun. Make sure to read up on the rules and win conditions before you play – then enjoy your journey through the panda’s world of fortune!

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