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Mini Baccarat Rules

Mini Baccarat rules differ from standard baccarat rules in that the dealer has all the information and makes all the decisions. This is the role of the dealer, since they are paid to know the rules. However, players don’t need to know these rules in order to play this version of the game. A quick look at Table 1 will give you an overview of mini baccarat’s basic rules.

The cards in mini baccarat are all worth their face value, except for the ten and picture cards. These cards are a value of zero, while a two-card combination of an ace and a ten is a value of one. This makes the highest hand possible in mini baccarat a nine, and a two-card hand, a small natural.

Mini baccarat has no set strategy, but players who stick to the minimum bet and avoid betting on the tie have good odds. Mini baccarat is a simple and fast game, and the casino takes a 5% commission on the winning bets. The minimum bet is $5, and players can play with as little as a few dollars.

Mini baccarat is played on a mini-sized table with three betting regions. Players can place their bets on either the Bank Hand or the Player Hand. The table can accommodate up to six players.

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