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Top of the Best Films of Recent Years

We all like to watch a good atmospheric movie in the evening with family or friends. Watching movies gives you new experiences, as well as playing on slot-wild-shark.com.

If you think that you have already watched all the most interesting films, then this article will be useful to you. Below you will find the best and most popular films of recent years.

Licorice Pizza

The events unfold in the USA in the 1970s. Young actor Gary Valentine meets a famous producer and begins the path to fame. But he must not only demonstrate his talent but also get used to the strange mores of colleagues.

Eight-time Oscar nominee Paul Thomas Anderson has once again made a wonderful and kind movie. The main role is played by a young Cooper Hoffman, and his stars surround him: Bradley Cooper, Tom Waits, and Sean Penn.

The Tragedy of Macbeth

The witches inform Lord Macbeth that he will become king. This is how political intrigues begin, during which Macbeth tries not to lose himself.

Director Joel Cohen made the film without his brother. Starring Oscar—winning actors Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. The picture turned out to be good, but it is unlikely that Cohen was able to bring something new to the classic story.

Nightmare Alley

The main character is a magician and a con man who claims to be able to read minds. He teams up with a female psychiatrist. Together they want to deceive the millionaire and take possession of his property.

Guillermo del Toro has shot an unusual noir thriller for himself this time. Bradley Cooper shines in the main role, creating the image of a charismatic villain who manipulates others.

The Batman

Batman is fighting criminals in his native Gotham. He follows in the footsteps of the Riddler and understands more and more how much the local government depends on the bandits.

Batman played by Robert Pattinson turned out to be silent and gloomy — the same as the city of Gotham. The film, directed by Matt Reeves, laid an excellent foundation for the relaunch of the franchise.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Evelyn is trying to have time to do all the important things: she needs to help her daughter, father, and husband, and also to get a tax report. Entangled in her duties, a woman begins to travel through parallel universes. In each of them, she discovers a new model of herself.

The tragicomedy about parallel worlds was successful at the box office, collecting more than $ 100 million. Fans of science fiction will like the film: incredible events are seasoned with great humor.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage is mired in debt and does not get new roles. To have at least some money, he travels on birthdays as a guest star. One day he is offered to come to the Mexican billionaire’s holiday. At this moment, the CIA recruits him — it turns out that the birthday boy has problems with the law.

“The unbearable weight of a huge talent” is the apotheosis of Cage’s arthouse creativity of recent years. The actor played a grotesque version of himself. It turned out to be a funny self-mocking film.


Dr. Michael Morbius is suffering from an incurable disease. In search of salvation, the hero turns to unconventional methods and eventually turns into a vampire.

Sony’s Venom movie universe has been replenished with a horror thriller starring Jared Leto. An ambiguous film that caused more ridicule than admiration. Internet users jokingly asked for repeated sessions — the joke turned out to be misunderstood, and American cinemas decided to show Morbius again in June. The average revenue was $289 per cinema. celebrities bio

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